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BC Family Day Game Day Feb 12th

We are super excited to host our first event in the new Invermere Community Hall on Monday February 12th! To celebrate the BC Family Day holiday, we are having an open play game day at the hall from 1-5pm, with admission by donation to the Children’s Festival. Everyone is welcome - all ages and skill levels will find games to suit their mood and aptitude. Please keep in mind that this is a family event (sorry CAH players - you’ll have to wait for one of our grown-up gaming events).

We will have a kiosk with the games you can play for sale, so if you find a new favourite that you HAVE to have (and of course you will…) we can help you out. Remember too that Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we have a few two player games that make lovely gifts - after all, chocolate lasts for but a moment, while beating your partner at a game allows you to gloat forever!

We are also looking for some volunteers to help teach and facilitate games - let us know at the store if you are interested and we will set you up with the info you’ll need! Or you can just stop by the hall at 12:30 on the day of!

Keep an eye out for more gaming events - we love getting peeps away from the screens and together around a table instead

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