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What happens at Expo...

April 26-29 was the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. For us at Main Street Fun and Games it's a bit like going to Disney World. And every year, no matter what, it's a weekend of costumes, cool stuff and geekery! This year was no different and it was a thrill to meet one of my biggest heroes, Wil Wheaton, and listen to him speak. It truth, it's his fault I bought a game store, and I told him so! His passion for board games inspired me to follow suit and make Gaming a huge part of what our store is today. What a wonderfully insightful, kind and passionate person and I'm so glad I got a chance to speak with him, if even for a a moment. If you've not watched Tabletop on Youtube, it's a fantastic resource for finding and learning new board games!

Every Expo inspires us with ideas for us to try in our store and with the energy of being with other people that are as passionate about their fandoms as we are about ours! It's not about WHAT fandom you love, but about the fact that we are all united in caring about these cool, constructed, created worlds that we can lose ourselves in! And at the core it's about community, which is the thing that drives me. Sharing and building our Game and Toy Store community is the reason I opened the store in the first place!

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