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It's Our Birthday!

Four years ago something magical happened that changed my life. When I look back to that day I still can't believe how incredible everyone was and how wonderful things turned out. It was early on a Sunday morning and it was my very first day as the owner of Main Street Fun and Games. I had a vision of what I wanted my new store to be, and my super amazing friends showed up and helped me make that vision a reality.

Above are just a few of the moments that made that day, and the entire week so special. I cannot ever thank all of these wonderful people (and others that aren't in the pictures) who believed in me enough to give up hours and days of their time!

And now, four years later I want to thank each and every customer, gamer, Magic player, puzzler, and so many more of you who have made Main Street Fun and Games part of your lives too. I've seen itty bitty babies turn into precocious pre-schoolers, and I've watched kids grow from primary school to middle school. And now I see high schoolers who played with the toys at our play tables give me resumes! I love my community and feel honoured to be a part of all of your lives!

And finally, I need to say a giant thank you to my amazing staff! Colin, who has been there since the very beginning and has given me words of advice and shared his time, even when he was so busy had little to give. Deanna, my partner in crime, who rides the roller coaster of my ideas and has learned to just put her arms up, close her eyes and scream whenever I say "you know, maybe we should...". Pauline, the fearless leader and energizer bunny. And Madeleine, who I have watched grow up into an amazing, thoughtful, competent young woman. There are others, behind the scenes too, not the least of which are my family and friends who believe in me and my vision. Thank you all for making the store a part of your lives.

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