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Alphabet of Games - A is for Amigo

Today (Wednesday) marks the first day of our alphabet of games leading up to Christmas - every day will feature a different board game and said game or feature will be 10% off that day!

Starting off with a bang: A is for Amigo, an entire line of new family games that are five minutes to learn, and five minutes to play! With games like Ring-a-Ding-Ding, Fruit Punch, and DeJaVu, there is certain to be an Amigo game that you will love! (And we ABSOLUTELY love to demo these bad boys, so just ask if you want to play a round)!

Whether you want a game that is math based, hand-eye co-ordination, or story-telling and vocabulary, something in the Amigo line will be a great fit for someone on your list. A 10% discount on these already well-priced games is, well, to be honest, a little ridiculous. Whose idea was this, anyways?

So, my favourite of the lot is DeJaVu - it's an object finding memory game, where you have to grab the object the second time you see it on the cards you flip up. This adds another level of challenge to the classic 'seek and find' type games. Since I like it, it must be awesome, so lets say that one will be 15% off, sound good? I think so too!

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