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Alphabet of Games - C is for Climbers

Ok. Day three. (Nov. 30, Friday). Today is pretty awesome - not only are we featuring this ridiculously great game at 10% off until 5pm, but after that the Invermere Late Night Shopping kicks in and we will be having a buy one regular priced item, get an equal or lesser value item at 50%off. For EVERYTHING in the store! Yes, you heard that right! The sales will be all over town, so come get down in your ugliest X-mas sweater!

Climbers is a building strategy game where you use different coloured blocks to build a path up the tower for your coloured dude. With a one time use of ladders and blocking tiles this game elevates your spatial awareness as well as your competitive nature. For real - we found ourselves prowling around the table (and possible growling at the other players...)

This beautifully made game is for the builders and the backstabbers in your life!

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