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Alphabet of Games - D is for Dixit and Dreams

Let's face it, D is basically the best letter in the alphabet so for today (Saturday, Dec. 1) let's have the double D's double the discount on these two games for a nice round 20% off.

Dixit and Dreams are two games that are a little bit... outside the box. Both are based on visual arts and symbolic communication, so it stands to reason that they are two of the most beautiful games you will find on our shelves.

Dixit is a story telling game that is great for the whole family. Gorgeous oversized art cards are described by each player in turn while the other players choose cards from their own hands that also compliment the story. The scoring is based on who chooses what, but is overshadowed by the beauty of the visuals.

Dreams takes the deception aspects of Dixit to the next level. Players attempt to recreate the stunning artist-created images in constellation form by placing stars on the night sky playmat. One player is bluffing and trying to guess the image that all the other know, while the others all try to guess who is bluffing.

Both of these games are stunningly beautiful, and a great play for the more artistic and creative liars in your gamer group.

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