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Alphabet of Games - F is for Forbidden Sky

We can make it through Monday together! I swear! Today (Dec. 3) our feature is the latest in the phenomenal 'Forbidden' line of co-operative games.

Along with it's predecessors, Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Sky is a table top game in which all players work together against the game instead of each other - promoting teamwork and communication.

In this action packed adventure, your team is stranded on a sky platform in a lightening storm, meaning you have to avoid heavy winds and lightening strikes while laying tiles to get to your rocket ship - your only escape route. However, your rocket needs power, so in addition to making your way through the maze of lightening conducting wires, you have to build your own (actual for real!!!) electrical conduit which will LIGHT UP THE SHIP! For reals. It's awesome.

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