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Alphabet of Games - H is for Hail Hydra

On this day (Wed Dec. 5th), S.H.I.E.L.D. shall be victorious against the minions of evil!!! Or... not. H is for a new Marvel themed game called Hail Hydra (10% off to all my Grant Ward peeps out there - you know who you are)!!

So it turns out that we are pretty big Marvel fans over here, and also big fans of lying to each other's faces. Best of both worlds? You bet!

In this game of social deception, you are trying to save the city of New York while sussing out who on the team isn't who they say they are.

Be the hero and take on Red Skull, or declare your duplicity and gain advantages over the next round. This game requires at least 5 heroes and villains to play, so reserve it for when you've got a bigger crew.

And remember: being the good guy is overrated. HAIL HYDRA!

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