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Alphabet of Games - L is for Betrayal 'L'egacy

Once in a while there is a game that becomes not just something you play, but an event where you gather friends and family together to create an experience together. Today we are featuring a Legacy game that does just that, and this Sunday (Dec. 9) it will be 10% off.

The game that Betrayal Legacy is based on is Betrayal at House on the Hill which is a semi-cooperative narrative game based on B-style horror movies. It has dozens of different story lines, which is where this brand new release comes in.

Betrayal Legacy is a prequel to the original game, which allows you and your fellow players to follow the fortunes of generations of families as tragedy befalls them and the horrifying origins of the house are revealed!

Legacy games are a style of tabletop game where every time you play the game you build on what you and your fellow players accomplished the last time you played; the choices that you and your friends make during each play of Betrayal Legacy are based on what you have already done, and will affect the story-line of the house. At the end of the Legacy play-through you will have a unique and infinitely replay-able board and narrative that you have created yourself.

Betrayal Legacy really is a phenomenal table-top experience, and one that makes an exceptional gift for the dedicated gamer (especially if they plan to play it with you)!

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