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Alphabet of Games - M is for Magic Maze

M is for Monday (Dec. 10), and the cooperative game Magic Maze is our featured game for today - meaning it is 10% off all day, as well as the Maximum Security expansion, and Magic Maze Kids.

This cooperative game has a very unique premise and mechanics - instead of each player having a piece that they move through the shopping mall maze, each player has a movement which they they can use on any of the character pieces at any time. However only one player has that movement ability so that each piece will only reach their objective if everyone works together to move it. Oh yeah, and you can't communicate with any of the other players. Not even pointed glares. (Yes, I did check the rules to make sure!)

What I particularly like about this game (well, in addition to the frenetic energy) is the staggered levels of difficulty. There are layers and layers of rules, so every time you play, you can increase the challenge in different ways. From map changes to teleportation limitations, each timed round is a new adventure!

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