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Alphabet of Games - N is for Nasty 7

This Tuesday (Dec 11) we are featuring our favourite gangster game at 10% off (ok, I think it's our only one...), Nasty 7.

This simple card game only requires players to count up to seven, and then back down to one again. Easy, right?

Yeah, not so much. When you play a card, the picture on it will tell you HOW to count - whether you cough in lieu of counting aloud, say two numbers and the next person doesn't count or you remain completely silent.

When you mess up (and I do mean WHEN), you have to pick up every card that has been played. First person to run out of cards wins.

This is one of those game that seems simple, but becomes a beautiful combination of chaos, focus, and trash talk. Enjoy, and stay Nasty!

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