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Alphabet of Games - Q is for Q-Bitz & Qwirkle

Ha! I bet you thought 'Q' would be difficult! It was so easy, I've got two great choices! Both Q-Bitz and Qwirkle are 10% off this Friday (Dec 14). And lets say that if you manage to beat Dee at Q-Bitz you'll get an extra 5% off on top of it.

Qwirkle is a domino-style game where you are matching shapes or colours, but not both. We have the original, a travel version and a dice variant, as well as a bonus pack with tile holders and score pads which is designed for hardcore... Qwirklers?...Qwirrels?...Qwirkle players.

This game is great family entertainment for kids, grandparents and everyone in between!

Q-bitz is Dee's favourite - it's a pattern recognition and recreation game that I sincerely wish that I was better at. A speed game, you flip up the card and reproduce the pattern as quickly as possible with your coloured patterned cubes. Some of the cards are easier for analytical brains, some for artistic brains - tragically neither are easy for my brain type.

This is a fun family game, but it also doubles as a fantastic self-challenge for puzzlers of all levels. I also appreciate that it is easy to handicap more... gifted... players, equalizing the playing field, thank you very much!

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