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Alphabet of Games - S is for Sagrada

Today I'm late! So we will extend today's special 10% off today (Sun Dec 16) and tomorrow too (Mon Dec 17). And the game featured is... (drumroll, please)... Sagrada!

This puzzle game is very beautiful, and is one of my favourites (are we seeing a theme here? I do like my pretties!). This dice drafting game feels a bit like a sudoku-like puzzle.

Each player is working on creating their own stained glass window on their play board with beautifully coloured dice - there are placement rules that you need to follow and a different set of scoring patterns every single game.

You are competing for points with your opponents, but you are working on your own player board, so it always feels a bit like you are playing a solo challenge game (which is an option with this game too!). We also have an expansion in store which allows play with up to six players, with other add ons as well!

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