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Alphabet of Games - T is for Telestrations (& After Dark)

Today we are featuring our most popular party game (probably - I haven't actually checked the numbers...) Telestrations and Telestrations After Dark. Both of these hilarious drawing games will be 10% off all day today (Mon Dec 17).

For those who haven't played, this party game combines the terrible drawing skills of Pictionary with the anarchy of the telephone game, and ends up funnier than both!

Fun for the whole family, the original Telestrations will keep you laughing all day - but after night falls and the kids have gone to bed, it's time to break out Telestrations After Dark.

This naughty version of the classic takes the offensiveness of popular adult party games and makes you draw it. It will make you laugh until your sides hurt. Go on - get drawing with your bad self. You'll thank me later.

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