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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I just...I don't... I want....awe, hell, this is hard!

Has it really been just a month? Just a month?

A month ago Deanna and I were at one of the largest gatherings of Board Game Industry people in the world. We played so many new games and met with so many amazing people at all levels of the industry. Retailers, publishers, game designers, distributors. All in one big room, sharing knowledge and ideas (and possibly a few beverages as well!)!

Here's just a few of my favourite moments. Every single picture here tells a story. And if I had the time I would tell them ALL to you. GAMA Expo is the place where Deanna and I just fit. It's "our people". You know, those people who love and accept you because they are just like you! They are family!

And then it was a race home and FULL STOP. We got back to Canada on March 13th. And since then it's been a very weird combination of crazy busy and doing absolutely nothing!

We have a WEBSTORE now ( where you can order games, toys and (hopefully VERY SOON) puzzles! You can pick it up at the store, we can bring it out to your car, or we will deliver it to you! For our out of town friends, we are shipping almost daily to Calgary and points beyond! If you want items shipped, please phone us or message us. We will happily work with you to get you what you need!

We are spending a lot of time on Facebook. If you want to keep up to date about new arrivals in the store and other news, that's the place to check. And I have to add a GIANT thank you to the wonderful people at Invermere Pharmasave, who have so generously given us space there to sell our puzzles and games. We live in the very best of communities, and I am beyond grateful to them!! We are stocking their shelves daily with new puzzles and other items to keep us all busy for the next little while.

And now we wait. But while we wait we make plans. I will be starting to rearrange the store this week to accommodate a "new normal". (People keep using that term, and I have yet to come to accept it. But for now I guess there isn't any normal, so "new normal" works as well as "bat s*** crazy normal"!). You'll notice a distinct "flow" to the store once it reopens. And there will be some new safety measures to ensure we all stay as safe and well as possible.

We are doing our very best to make shopping a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. So, please be patient with us, and as kind as you always are. And know we miss you all so very much!! I am dreaming of the days where the store is buzzing and we are all playing games again!

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